A Real-Time epidemic outbreak monitoring system
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What is EpiMetrics?

EpiMetrics is an analytics based system built to detect impending epidemic disease outbreaks in real time. Our system detects fast spreading disease in the particular location and creates a map to illustrate the growth. EpiMetrics unique data visualization dashboard enables users to monitor disease outbreaks with greater clarity and accuracy than before.

Data Engine

EpiMetrics data engine gathers health data from variety of sources of an area to detect the spread of the disease.


EpiMetrics has it's propietary dashboard to visualize and monitor the outbreak in real time.

Outbreak Analytics

EpiMetrics provides with indepth outbreak realted analytics to find out the root cause and spreading agent of the disease.

Our Amazing Team

Pratik Khandagale

Cloud Solution Architect / Data Visualizer

Krishna Kshatriya

Lead Android Developer

Tejeshwar Singh Karir

Management Lead

Sanket Chandak


Ajit Chavan



Vinay Tamboli

Vinay Tamboli

VP at Slingkast Inc

Dr. Sushil Wakchoure

Dr. Sushil Wakchoure

District Health Officer, Nashik (IN)

Dr. Sachin Pachorkar

Dr. Sachin Pachorkar

MIT KumbhaThon

Dr. Uday Barve

Dr. Uday Barve

Chief Epidemiologist (IDSP), Nashik

Special Thanks To...

  • Dr. Ramesh Raskar, MIT Media Lab, USA
  • Dr. Laura Jana, DIO in Public Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA
  • Eknath Dawale, Hon. Divisional Comissioner, Nashik
  • Deependra Singh Kushwah, Hon. Collector, Nashik
  • Dr. Pravin Gedam, Hon. Commissioner, NMC Nashik
  • Dr. B D Pawar, Deputy Director, Nashik
  • Dr. Eknath Male, Civil Surgeon, Nashik
  • Rajesh Salve, DIO NIC, Nashik

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